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Do you feel like you do all the “right” things with your money, but you’re still stuck and broke?

“I believe everyone can live their money dream by uncovering their blind spots and breaking the rules”
- Joan Silva

Discover 7 Major Money Blind Spots: Money traps that keep you broke and prevent you from living your money dream (and how to eliminate them).

When you request the “7 Major Money Blind Spots” report, you’ll gain an understanding of why you struggle around money. This is more than just a report on money tactics. You will also uncover the emotional side of money and how it can affect you financially. In this report you will learn:

•    What a money blind spot is (and why it’s important to discover yours)
•    Why buying on sale can be a bad idea
•    How credit keeps you stuck
•    The difference between your financial “wants” and “needs”
•    Why you must know your money picture
•    And much, much more!

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