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5-Second Rule — Pick it up, blow it off, and eat it

“The 5-second rule for food dropped on the ground does not work if you have a 2-second dog!”

Studies have been done. The myth, long held in families, that food dropped on the ground scooped up within 5-seconds, is safe to eat. The idea being, it must be picked up within 5-seconds.

Haven’t we all been faced with that snap decision of whether to eat or discard? How many of us blow off the morsel and eat it anyway? I think even us germaphobes have had it flit through our minds that maybe this time I’ll take a chance!

Is it truly safe to eat food that has dropped onto the floor?

As one of my women friends replied when I asked if they did this, Of course I eat it. I haven’t died yet! We all chuckled as she said this. Each of us knowing we too have snapped up something and eaten it anyway!

Is the myth true? Unfortunately, for that tasty morsel that ends up on the ground, science has disproved the 5-second rule (read more about the study if you wish). We are at risk of foodborne contamination.

But what does this have to do with money, money behavior, or your creative endeavors?

Plenty. And, let me share how it relates.

Let’s apply the 5-second rule to something else. Let’s apply it to those crazy ideas that pop into your head.

You know, those things that make our breath quicken, hearts race, and pump us up. Those ideas that crop up seemingly uninvited. The urgings that excite or scare us.

Creative ideas, juicy thoughts, career or business shifts, life changes, or anything that pops up in your mind. It doesn’t have to be life altering necessarily — just attention getting.

How often do you let them pass through and do nothing with them?

All of us have done this — gotten a great idea, or a crazy one, and tossed it off as unimportant. Ignored it as pie-in-the sky. Decided it was just wishful thinking. Or, decided you’ll get back to it later when you have time to deal with it.

There’s the big mistake. There’s where the 5-second rule applies.

You must, within 5-seconds, grab it and take action. Or, it merrily floats on by, gone forever or lands on someone else to experience or create it.

No kidding. This is serious stuff. At least for those of you who wish to capture your inner most urgings, those things that you are meant to be, do, have, or experience.

I almost let Mr. Uppity Frog slip on by. He showed up in a waking dream, a waking message. I get most of my guidance during my first waking awareness. I’m not quite asleep, yet not fully awake either. It’s when I’m in a place of open allowance.

And the knowing comes. The message arrives.

In the past, I have often let those float away. I would believe I’d remember once I was truly awake. I would convince myself that my rest was more important in that moment, and drift off without capturing the gift. I’ve lost many gifts in that way.

Not this time. A voice spoke to me, out loud. Three words were shared with me … THE UPPITY FROG. Say what? I turned over to ignore it.

Once again, only louder … THE UPPITY FROG.

Okay, I got it. Wait! No I don’t. Let me immediately write this down. I sat up, pulled out paper from my bedside table and wrote this down. Then came a few more … The Lonely Lobster. The Silent Cougar.

Since that time, I have tried numerous times to just table Mr. Uppity Frog (he did make it known he is a mister!). Thankfully he’s pretty darned persistent, even a bit pushy, and won’t let him pass me by. His messages are meant to be spoken and taught through me.

Why me? Who knows. I just know that he taught me a valuable lesson. He taught me the value of the 5-second rule.

How about you? Is there something that has nudged you, pushed you, kicked you in the butt, and asked you to pay attention and you have not? Have you tabled that insane idea, a scary one, or one that seems impossible?

Maybe it’s time to apply the 5-second rule? Apply it to something other than food. Don’t let it pass you by. Pick it up. Run with it. Take an action to say “YES, I hear you!

I promise you won’t regret it. I certainly have not as I continue on the crazy path, yet profound one, of Mr. Uppity Frog. It’s nice to have a partner in business — especially a wise frog!

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& Guideatude Coach

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Stub your Toe and the Curse Words Fly

“When I bang my toe against something, it’s like I pressed a button that plays all the curse words I know!”
— Demetri Evan Martin, Comedian / Actor
I have to fess up — It isn’t just when I stub my toe that I curse and swear. The off-color words could fly at any moment when something unpleasant or painful happens.
I would fail miserably if anyone put out a “bad words” jar.
You know, the jar that, by agreement, is set out to collect a pre-arranged amount if you cuss!?! The words that are considered “bad” are decided and every time you say one of them, in the jar the coins or dollars must go.
My eight year old grandson has caught me many-a-time when I spew something inappropriate. Not just curse words, but others like, “stupid,” or “idiot,” have been added to the list of shameful words.
He would gasp, point his finger at me, and say scoldingly, Nana! That’s a bad word!”
I know, I know! Pretty sad when a child must point this out!
The mouth of a truck driver seems to be the cross I must bear in this lifetime. Again, and again, I clean it up, only to have one slip out at the most inopportune (but deliciously perfect) time.
In case you think I am completely incapable of containing myself, I am especially careful in austere or sacred places. I would die of mortification if I let one rip in a church or meditation temple.
However, let’s face it, we all have those hot buttons that when pushed, set us off in a fit of anger, frustration, or anxiety. How we express that fit of emotion is personal to each of us. Not all of us let off steam in the same way.
Not all of us curse like a truck driver!
Maybe you sit quietly and fret and stew. Or, maybe, you lose your temper and take it out on another person or object. Or, possibly, you go out in a frenzy of spending and buying, trying to suppress or release those feelings that have mounted up inside.
Whatever way you tend to let off the pressure, it is something to notice about yourself. It is a sign that something isn’t right in your world. It is a signal that, if you wish to notice, guides you to doing that thing differently.
Could be a different approach is needed.
Seriously, it only makes sense that if you keep stubbing your toe on the same object, maybe it’s time to move the thing or find another way around it!
The same is true of money matters. When, our money hot buttons get pressed, we, pretty much, react in the same way every single time. It is as if we have no other choice — as if we are victims with a predetermined, pre-written script we must follow.
We get stressed. Outraged. Frustrated. Depressed. Numb. Sleepless. Anxious.
Whatever reaction you may have, your reaction or behavior pops up every single time. It is your way, like cursing, to let off the steam — to get your attention.
Notice it. 
It is your sign that maybe, just maybe, it is time to change course or direction — to do things differently. To stop banging your toe on the same ole’ thing.
To curse, or not to curse — Ultimately, the response is up to you.








Intuitive Financial Counselor & Guideatude Coach

Where there is darkness, I help bring light!