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Tidy Up Tuesdays — Get rid of those bins!

Tidy Up Tip
Get Rid of Those Bins!
(4:37 minutes)

It is time. Time to admit you’ve kept too much stuff. Time to admit how long it has been since you even looked at the stuff you’ve kept.

Time to say, “Uncle!”

The storage bins MUST GO!

You know, the ones that hold mounds and mounds of stuff, most of which you haven’t looked at for eons, decades, or even years.

Stacked and stored. Piled high. Sitting on shelves. Stuffed in closets. Hidden in corners. Put into rented storage space. Or, my all time favorite, covered up with a decorative cloth and used as a table!

Did you know that home storage products is a $10.5 billion industry?

There is a reason for this…

We Americans LOVE our stuff, keep too much of it AND we continue to buy more and more. As that stuff builds up in our homes, there are only a few answers to the discomfort to solve it.

These are the ones most of us consider…

Ignore, step over, and live with it. Rent a storage unit to store it all. Buy a bigger home to house it. Or … The ever famous one, buy bins to hide it all away nicely, and KEEP IT.

The one that I’m going to suggest instead is get rid of the stuff. GET RID OF THE BINS. And, do not buy any more.

Your pocketbook will thank you — not to mention, your home will breathe a sigh of relief.

Do you talk to your money? It does have plenty to say!

A strange question to ask — “Do you talk to your money?”

Not, do you talk ABOUT your money, but do you talk TO it? Do you have a conversation with, and listen to, what it has to say?

Do you talk to your money?
When it speaks, do you listen?
(2:48 minutes)

The responses I receive to this question are varied, and quite telling.

Any one of these — Eyebrows raised in surprise. A snicker as if I have told a joke. Eyes dart away in confusion or discomfort. Heads shake side to side, or up and down. A bit of squirming in their seats to relieve the tension. A knowing look to acknowledge the wisdom of it. Or, a sigh of discouragement and hopelessness.

No matter the response, it speaks volumes about what you believe about your money and, as a result, how you manage it.

Whether you ask your money directly, “Hey, money, what do you think?” … or you go about your day-to-day life earning and spending it, your money does have a lot to say. It shows you in every moment, and in every way, exactly what you believe about it.

It shows up, or doesn’t, in direct response to how you treat, handle, talk and think about, and manage it.

It rushes in when you consciously welcome it and blasts out just as quickly if you mistreat it. Usually at a much faster rate than it comes in.

Ever wonder why your wallet is empty, your bank account close to zero, or your credit cards maxed out? And, what about your pay check, does it seem like it’s never enough?

What if I told you it might just be how you think, feel, and talk about your money.

After all, who would want to stick around in such an unwelcome environment? Money is no different.

Have you ever asked your money, “Yo money, what’s up? What do you suggest I do with you at this moment?”

You might be surprised by its answer — because it does answer. Now, it’s up to you whether you take its guidance or not.