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Every little thing you need feeds your greed

Every little thing, you think you need — that’s just feeding your greed. Oh, I bet that you’d be fine without it.



The lyrics and music to this song resonate deeply for me. The guidance and wisdom is intensely and genuinely profound. Easy enough to understand in our hearts — not so easy to embody in our day-to-day lives.

Especially with the holidays upon us, and the frenzy for the best gifts to give, the most amazing Christmas tree, and tastiest of treats. It seems it all sparkles and shines, and drives you to reach and grab for it. It gets under your skin and won’t be denied.

Maybe this year you’ll tear your eyes away and realize that none of this satisfies. Years past barely remembered. The piles of things given and received dusty, discarded or scattered and piled everywhere.

Could it be time to rethink the things you buy? To revamp your holiday approach, rituals or traditions? Maybe shift them to what truly matters to you?

For me, what matters is the celebration of life, love, joy and connection to others. No gifts required. No special decorations either. Just a gathering of souls sharing the joy of the season.

Happy holidays…

Tidy Up Tuesdays — Someday Syndrome — Do you suffer from it?

It is an epidemic. Widespread and there is no shot or medicine to ward it off.

It floats in the air and when you least expect it, WHAM, you get hit by it.

Sound ominous? Well, it is! What is it?


Someday Syndrome
Do you suffer from it?
(3:52 minutes)

It causes inflammation, like an “itis,” in all aspects of your life.

Someday-itis! When we catch it, things and stuff simply grow out of control.

And, I’ll bet you have it already! How do you know? Because you’re exhibiting the symptoms. Ever hear yourself say –> “I’ll take care of that … Some day!”

You know, “Some day I’ll clear away all this clutter.” “Some day I’ll find time to organize this house and put everything away.” “Some day I’ll find the time, but not today, I’m too busy!”

And yet, “Someday” never comes and the inflammation grows.

The other way you contract Someday-itis is by keeping STUFF because you’ll use it “some day!” And, yet that day never comes either.

You fear that the very day you toss or giveaway that useful thing, that’ll be the very day you need it! So, you hang onto it for decades.

How about a simple cure to chase away “Someday-itis?” Repeat after me –> “Just because it is useful, doesn’t mean I’ll use it!”

Or, how about this one — “Today is the day since some day never comes!”

Are you ready to recover from Someday-itis? Well then, you’re right on track because the first step to recovery is recognizing the symptoms.