Credit Report Review

About Credit Scores

What you don’t know about your credit and credit scores CAN hurt you.

How much do YOU know about credit?  Take this quiz and find out:

True or False:

1. It is better to close out credit cards with zero balances if you no longer intend to use them

2. One card with a high balance is better than several cards with low balances

3. Your credit report is always accurate

4. It’s OK to apply for credit while you’re shopping for a home or a car

5. If you have an outstanding collection item it’s always a good idea to pay it, no matter how old it is

6. Checking your credit report once a year is sufficient to make sure you don’t run into problems

7. When you apply for credit it affects your credit score even if you are not approved

8. Employers are allowed to check your credit when you apply for a job and make hiring decisions based upon your credit score

Here are your answers: (1) F  (2) F  (3) F (4) F  (5) F  (6) It depends (7) T  (8) T

So, how did you do?

If you incorrectly answered any of these questions, it might be a good idea to consider hiring a Certified Credit Report Reviewer to assist you in reviewing your credit report. Each question represents a different area all of which affect your credit score.

What is a Certified Credit Report Reviewer?

Credit Report Reviewers teach people how to obtain their credit files. Once they have the files, they meet with the clients and review the report line by line.  The reviewer and clients work together to identify each account, confirm whether or not is it accurate and look for suspicious activity.

The reviewer also helps their client understand what is in the report, their score(s) and how it might affect them. For example poor scores can cost the consumer money in higher interest rates or might cost them a position at a company.

Credit report reviewers stay up to date with the latest trends in suspicious activity. They help detect it and set in place prevention measures to help protect their clients.

Is Joan Silva a Certified Credit Report Reviewer?

Yes. The CCRR® program is the nation’s only comprehensive training and certification specifically developed for the credit industry professionals who are dedicated to educating and assisting consumers, clients, customers, businesses, and the general public in credit reporting, credit scoring plus how to maintain a good report and high score.

As a Certified Credit Report Reviewer (CCRR®), Joan has learned Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA). She has learned how to read and understand credit reports, as well as steps to take to guard against credit and identity theft, an important new aspect of the credit report review service. Another important aspect in the training is about credit scores; maintaining them or increasing them, which often results in lower credit costs.

What is a credit review?

Here is what I do for my credit review clients

  • I review all three credit reports (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) for individuals. For couples I review all three for both.
  • We review your report line by line
  • I teach you how credit reports, reporting agencies and scores work and how it affects you
  • I offer suggestions on ways you can improve your credit score (also known as your FICO score)
  • I provide sample letters you can use to dispute, correct or change your credit report
  • I guide you on how to dispute items on your reports or to get them removed

What a credit review is not:

  • A credit repair service
  • A credit report retrieval service

When would it be important to hire someone to do a credit review with me?

The laws around credit reports and how to clean them up are complicated. Because they are so complicated, most consumers have limited information on how those laws help or hinder them. Often what seems like a logical approach will actually do you more damage than good. I enjoy helping you understand what you can do to affect your credit reports and in turn, improve your scores. I will guide you in understanding what remove or change items in your report will hurt or help you or even just how to begin.

I am an expert at credit review. I truly enjoy assisting my clients in working with their credit and I understand how credit and money might feel sensitive. Because my entire process is simple, easy and straight forward, I can help you get to the bottom of why your score might not be as you would like and help you begin to address it.

Let’s face it: most times it is confusing to know where to even begin. That’s the beauty of the having me review your credit report. I help you to get started. My clients often find this to be the most beneficial piece of all.

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