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Financial Wellness Checkup
(Check the items that apply to you and notice how you feel.)
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 This wellness check up is a snapshot of your awareness of your money as of this moment in time, right now.  In order for you to take ownership of this awareness and be  able to compare this awareness with some point in the future, it is important that you enter your name and date (even if it feels a little silly)

Name: _________________________________________

Enter today’s Date:__________________________

  I plan my inflow and outflow, personal and business, every month.

   I balance my bank accounts, personal and business, every month.

   I always pay my bills on time.

   I live debt free or utilize a plan to get there. (A pay-off plan of no more than 3 to 6 months in length.)

   I have a savings plan and contribute to it consistently.

   I don’t dream about or depend on the lottery or other gimmicks to fund my financial future.

   I know where my money goes and how much I spend on personal and / or business expenses.

   I live well within my means.

   I am financially secure. I don’t worry about money.

   I always carry enough cash with me.

I share my wealth with others.

I pay my credit cards in full each month.

I pay my taxes on time.

My business is profitable.

I regularly invest in my business growth.

I have an excellent financial planner / accountant / money counselor who support my financial goals.

I have a bookkeeping (money management) system that allows me to access my financial information at any moment.

How did you do?

If you were unable to check all (or most) of these boxes OR if you didn’t understand why any of the boxes is important, this is an indication  your financial health is in need of a more thorough check up.

Keep in mind that most people do not score very high the first time they take this test. However, awareness is the first step. Once you are aware, and begin to learn what to do, you can take one simple action and be on the road to financial well-being. Soon, as you learn more and practice, you will be on your way to stopping the worry and stress about money. It’s failure to realize where you are – along with inaction that can keep you being a victim.

The truth is that financial health and wellness requires both inner and outer work. Together they will get you a long way toward financial well-being. When you’re ready to increase your money wellness, (your financial results) and want to know what actions to take, I can help. It’s just a matter of know-how, practice and implementation. I have the tools and resources you need. Learn More in my Money Break Through Session.