Meet Joan

Are you a creative or artistic entrepreneur who:

  • Wonders how much longer you’ll be in business to help people – because your business isn’t making enough money to pay the bills?
  • Works long days and weekends too and never seems to get ahead?
  • Feels like your credit card bills are a disaster waiting to happen?
  • Makes purchases for your business on your credit card with the intention of paying it off before the end of the month (but you never seem to be able to)?
  • Have a million creative ideas which never quite make enough money?

Hi, I am Joan Silva and I completely understand where you are, because I have been there. I fell into the credit trap despite the fact that I “should have known better.”

I became a CPA, graduating with honors and began working for prestigious public accounting firms, auditing financial statements of large corporations. Later as a VP, I ran an entire audit division of a nationwide corporation, but I had a “dirty little secret” – my own finances were slipping quietly out of control.

For years I was living on the financial edge and had accumulated massive credit card debt. One day, I realized that while I was highly regarded professionally, my personal finances were a mess and I assumed that I would never be able to fix it. That’s when I discovered financial counseling.

My husband and I figured it was a last ditch effort, but we were sick and tired of how things were (and I was eager to live in integrity with my credentials). The good news is that it worked! Not only did it work, it changed our lives. For the first time in years we were living within our means and no longer using credit. I realized that debt was just one piece to the puzzle and that there is really nothing mysterious about financial literacy; it is simply a behavior that can be learned by anyone.

I also discovered something profound: That there is a spiritual side to money and that people and their relationship with money and spirit absolutely fascinated me. So I decided to share my experiences and teach others. So in 1998 I became a professional financial counselor and money coach with an emphasis on the spiritual side of money.

I’ve learned that money and finances can be a frightening and emotional topic for a lot of reasons. And just in case you think that I waived a magic wand and made my world perfect, let me assure you I didn’t. Because I’ve experienced divorce, single parenthood, failed businesses and a host of other “unfun” life experiences, I can empathize with wherever you are right now.

I know that you are on this page for a reason – that you started your business with the dream of helping others. You were probably told that “when you follow your passion, the money follows.” And so you’re following your passion, except the money part of your dream seems to be slipping away.

I believe that we are meant to live life not with debt, stress, and efforting around money, but with great abundance, joy and prosperity. That’s why I’m here. I am passionate about helping you discover your money dream. Shall we get started?


Joan Silva

Money Coach
Author / Speaker
(925) 432-7570