The Spirit of Money – Giving Back

You may have heard the phase “in order to receive you must give” or even “givers gain.” While this principal seems simple – and perhaps only applicable to money – I have found that there is much more to it that that.

The three areas of giving on which I focus (and perhaps you should as well) are the giving of:

  • Time
  • Talent
  • Treasure (Money)

When you give freely in these areas, without expectation of return, that is what you will receive.

The first area is my regular tithing to source or those who provide guidance in that area. They feed my soul, remind me of who I truly am (a spiritual being having a human experience), energize my spirit and keep me connected to TRUTH. Tithing is in the form of treasure; in other words money.

It cannot be understated that you must careful with giving from the right place, because when you give IN ORDER TO receive, you are coming from a place of scarcity and so that is what you will receive instead – more scarcity.

Most entrepreneurs, especially healing types, give of their time and talent and never treasure. This is because they are focusing their energy on giving of time and talent, but not treasure. That which you focus upon increases.

When I give to source it is with the knowing that I have done so from a place of gratitude, joy and love without expectation of receiving anything in return – and as a result, I do receive in return. It may seem confusing, but it is truly not so as you will discover as you study the spiritual side of money.

I also give freely of my time and talent to a non-profit organization – Soroptimist; in particular in my local club Soroptimist International of Pittsburg. What is Soroptimist? It is an organization whose mission is To Improve the lives of women & girls in our local community &  through-out the world! I have been involved with Soroptimist for more than 20 years. Much has changed, evolved and improved in those years; and yet there is so much more that can be improved for women and girls.

Finally I give time, treasure and talent in an area that makes my heart sing: the care, safety and finding of homes for animals, in particular dogs and cats. Over the years I have always found a way to give back to those furry friends that need my help. One way was to donate my time to a local shelter organization (Tony LaRussa’s ARF). Another was to adopt foster dogs who needed homes. I donate to organizations that help animals be safe. And finally, I have rescued dogs and cats who are on the streets and given them the care that they needed, no  matter how difficult it seemed at the time – always as a gift given with true love.

I have two dogs of my own,Lexi and Horatio, (Lexi pictured here enjoying a sun bath!) who yes, were foster dogs that I adopted, and they delight me every day. They unconditionally return the love and care I have shared with them each and every day.  I cannot imagine life without my furry family.

As you can begin to see perhaps, I have discovered when I give my time, treasure and talent, with total freedom, full choice and without conditions that it comes back to me in the same manner. The practice to learn is to develop this belief and behavior in all aspects of your life.

Where in your life do you give without expectation of return? How does it fill you up as a result?