Success Stories

I am passionate about designing functional, creative and beautiful landscapes! Before working with Joan, my passion for my business made me tend to put the same amount of energy and effort into every project regardless of what my client had invested. I had a hard time assessing the value of my services or size of the project relative to what I charged.

Working with Joan was just what I needed to get clear about the direction of my business! I needed clarity about the value of the service I provide and what my service was truly worth. She helped me discover, the types of clients I was naturally drawn to and taught me how to assign the correct level of value to each project based on the scope of work.

Joan directly and honestly talked with me about how to point my business in the direction I wanted it to go and gave me steps to make it happen. I feel that the work I did with Joan was invaluable to defining my business!

Danielle Davila, Associate

Environmental Foresight, Inc.
Walnut Creek, CA 94596


“Joan is a pleasure to work with and creates a space of safety and trust.”

A few years ago my husband and I met Joan during a time when we were in a state of transition. Between changing jobs, running a new business and having two small children, we knew our days of unconscious spending needed to be over!

Joan guided us forward with some excellent tools we still use and depend on to this day! Our bill paying is easy, streamlined and the money is always there – thanks to the tools we learned from Joan.

Learning about the emotional side of money was also a great ah-ha! Joan has a passion for helping others gain clarity with their money situation and a persistence to keep working with you until it sinks in!

Always friendly and joyful in her process, Joan is a pleasure to work with and creates a space of safety and trust. She takes coming into consciousness around money from a place of boring or scary to a playful process! I highly recommend Joan to anyone ready to become successful with their money!

Laura Cottril

Laura Cottril Photography
Feel the Emotions and Tell Your Story


Before working with Joan, I was making decisions in my business for immediate short term satisfaction. I didn’t have a big picture plan and I had no system for determining if I was even making a profit. I was frustrated because I was working hard and didn’t know if I was making any money or not.

Joan helped me see that it was my beliefs around money and business that were holding me back. She asked tough questions that helped me figure out what I needed to change and how to do it. And she gently took me into systems that let me know if I am profitable (or not) every step of the way.

Now I am more focused and knowledgeable about money and business. I really appreciate that now I can see “the big picture.” I have discovered what I am passionate about and expanded this into my business, which benefits both me personally and my clients. I am also paying attention to the energetic side of money and how that is showing up. I understand that everything – even money – is all about energy and now I am able to notice how it is flowing (or not) in my business and my life.

Nancy Dadami

Pleasant Hill, CA
3 Secrets Feng Shui


“Joan empowered me to face my finances and my debts!”

“Facing my financial situation was something I didn’t want to do because I felt it was overwhelming and I didn’t want to be judged for the decisions I had made about my money. Working with Joan was truly empowering because she has a gift for seeing it all in an unemotional, non-judgmental way. I really appreciated how she relates to and teaches about the spiritual side of money. By simply remembering to meditate and get centered before I deal with my bills, I can face them with less stress and make better decisions.

Now I am having much better months financially, and I really understand the value I bring to my clients on a deeper level. My life is better too. I feel much better around my money because I have a plan and the tools to manage my finances in a way that works for me. Thank you Joan, for empowering me to face my finances and my debts!”

Thank You!

Les Bain

Wizard Creek Consulting


When I initially went to see Joan, I wanted help assessing ongoing expenses and putting a system in place to help me organize my business and personal finances.

One of Joan’s great strengths is her ability to ask good questions and really listen to the answers.
She helped me clarify my personal and business goals, examine limiting beliefs and move forward with a sense of personal empowerment.

We worked together for about a year and I continue to use her as a resource. The work we did has transformed the way I approach my finances.

I so appreciate the system we created. It keeps me organized so I can spend more creative time in my studio. There are moments, when I am paying bills, that I actually say to myself, “Thanks, Joan!

I’ve referred her to several people, all of whom have also benefited greatly from working with Joan. Joan has my highest recommendation.

Cheryl Wolff
Cheryl Wolff Ceramics,
Walnut Creek, CA


“Joan helped me see options I never even thought of”

I used to be constantly worried about finances and I was getting more and more in debt. I didn’t see a way out and it was very discouraging – depressing really.

When we began working together Joan shared with me the hard to face facts. I liked that she didn’t coddle me and tell me that everything would be okay. Instead she helped me figure out how to get things in order, and where I might be able to make changes. Together we figured out just what all my options were, and I honestly had not even thought of some of them

Joan has helped me initiate and follow through with changes that have eased my mind a great deal. With our planning, I am so much clearer on the revenue that I need to generate. Since we began setting monthly revenue goals, I have been able to generate the required amount every month.

Joan has taught me to decide on both what I want and need to spend money on. She also taught me that I don’t have to “do without.” I now feel good about spending because I actually plan what I want to spend money on and then make it happen.

I don’t worry about money on a daily or weekly basis anymore. I always know where I stand now, and that alone is a relief. I appreciate our ongoing professional relationship that keeps me on track because it is just what I needed.


Bay Area
Business Owner