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dept free, Joan Silva, Your Money DreamStay Debt Free for the Holidays
Audio Podcast Interview of Joan Silva
on The Delicious Life Show
Tune into the podcast interview of Joan Silva on The Delicious Life Show with host Cynthia D’Amour, MBA. Joan’s interview topic was how to “Stay Debt Free this Holiday Season!” Joan’s sage advice is “Don’t Use It. Refuse It!” which she suggests that you not use credit and instead, simply put your foot down and refuse to use it! Learn to live without it.  Joan’s counsel and guidance goes much deeper than just not using credit, in fact she has many compelling ideas and suggestions for you to consider.
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The Delicious Life Show is focused on helping women have a more delicious life – no matter what the scale says. Too many women keep waiting for 5, 10, 30, 100 pounds before they will start living their lives – let alone doing it deliciously. The shows focus is on subjects which support five key aspects of The Delicious Life Model.

  1. Pursue your pleasure
  2. Relax more
  3. Eat fabulous food
  4. Claim your power
  5. Own your body

Of course, Joan’s interview isn’t on weight loss or diet, however, there is no better way to “relax more” and “claim your power” than to get your finances in order AND stay out of debt! Especially if the rest of 2014, and many more years to come, isn’t bogged down with debt from the holidays of 2013!
For many just saying the word DEBT brings on anxiety and yet for others, it seems to be a natural part of everyday life. Joan suggests otherwise and encourages you to think about it another way.
podcast, Joan Silva, Your Money DreamListen to this short 30 minute interview and see if you can use an idea or two that Joan suggests. It’s about mini-steps, not necessarily leaps.

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