Money touches everything that is important in our lives, and yet, most people don’t receive a financial education.

Joan Silva helps Creative & Intuitive Women Entrepreneurs discover the Truth about their relationship with money and helps them overcome hidden blocks so they can live their own money dream.

Most people believe that money has multiple sets of rules. Joan believes that now is the time to break those rules so you can begin to live Your Money Dream and the best way to get started?  Attend one of her enlightening money workshops!

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Her life changing workshops, groups and talks are perfect for:
Helping Entrepreneurs
Holistic Practioners
Direct Selling / MLM Groups
Web and Graphic Designers

Topics include:

The Sombrero Syndrome:  How to avoid vacation spending that doesn’t fit your lifestyle.  In this upbeat and enjoyable presentation, Joan helps audiences discover the secrets to avoiding post spenders remorse when vacationing. Tips on everything from financially planning for your vacation to avoiding that “what was I thinking” vacation souvenir are included in this fun presentation.

Your Money Blind Spots:  Everyone has them – places where they spend without thinking which keeps them broke and stuck with their money.  Participants discover where their blindspots reside and are given action steps to begin to overcome them.

Know Your Value Stop under earning NOW! Have you ever discovered what others in your industry charge and been shocked?  And usually this feels like “How can they get away with charging that much?” In this empowering presentation participants discover how to identify their true value and uncover the underlying secrets to why they are undercharging for their services. When it’s time to give yourself a raise, “Know Your Value” is the best place to start.

Clutter and Your Money – It’s More Than Just Too Much Stuff. This revealing topic reveals the hidden connection between money and clutter. Participants will identify how their personal clutter (“stuff”) is affecting their money picture and learn action steps to take to improve their money picture right away.

Identity theft: What You Think You Know Can Hurt You. The credit industry is profiting off of your ignorance! By keeping you in the dark and in fear about identity theft, you may be worried about things that can’t hurt you and be doing things that are putting yourself at risk without even knowing it!  Learn the truth about identity theft and how to protect yourself in this informative and upbeat presentation.

What People are saying:

“You made things easy to understand.”

“I had no idea how identity theft really happens.”

“I didn’t know how risky free standing ATM’s can be.”

“Interesting, informative”

“You really made me think.”

“You made a tough topic fun and I learned a lot about a serious topic.”

“You took away the fear I had.”

“I really thought about how I think about spending.”

Contact Joan if you’d like to have her come speak on one of the topics listed above, or personalize it to your group or organization.

Joan Silva’s talk on Identity theft was excellent! Her thought provoking presentation included how to prevent identity theft and what to do if it happens to you.  Some of the information was quite unexpected. Our members were talking about the presentation for weeks afterwards – which for our group is very unusual.

Pat Strong
Bulletin Chair
Diablo Valley Lions
Walnut Creek, CA