Money Break Through Strategy Session

Not sure if financial counseling or money coaching will work for you?  I offer a “get acquainted” 30 minute session to find out if we’re a good fit for one another.

Let’s face it. Money is a very personal thing. During the time we work together, I will be asking questions and requiring things of you that may feel uncomfortable at the time.  If we don’t trust one another, you will not get the results you want.

This session is complimentary, no pressure and no obligation.  Simply click here to schedule an appointment with me. Let’s get started right away so your money dream can become your new money reality.

How I work/What to expect

So what can you expect from working with me?

How would it feel if you KNEW that never again will you:

  • Wake up in the middle of the night wondering how you are going to make ends meet.
  • Be embarrassed at the store  “sorry, but your card was declined”
  • Experience fear of your phone or mail box
  • Feel that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach as you find out your account is overdrawn
  • Wonder “where all the money went”
  • Face a huge pile of bills two weeks after the holidays

That’s just a taste of the huge emotional relief you’ll experience as we work together. Finally you’ll

  • Have total permission to spend money on FUN things, like eating out or a family vacation
  • Feel in complete control of your money (rather than the other way around)
  • Confidently make spending decisions both personally and with your business because you’ll KNOW if you have the cash flow and if you don’t you’ll know how to generate more
  • Be able to plan your life around what YOU want to do instead of passing up opportunities because you don’t know how you’ll pay for them.

So how does it work?

We can work either by phone or in person.  We begin with a complimentary telephone strategy session to assess whether or not you can benefit from my help.  It’s a non-judgmental, no pressure sample of how I work and it helps me get to know you.  You should know that I don’t take on “just anybody” but don’t worry. If you’re open to new ways of thinking and trying on new things, you’ll be just fine.

Feel like you’re so broke you might not be able to pay for me?  Don’t worry, we’ll discuss that during our session. If it’s right for you, you’ll know it and find a way to make it happen.

Still not sure?

Remember that you got into the situation you are in by doing things based upon your level of understanding of how money works.  You will NEVER change the situation if you continue doing things the same way. You need new information from someone who understands your situation and has been where you are.  I have the information you need. I “get” where you are and I can help you.

Email me here to schedule your strategy session. Don’t wait. Do it right now.


In 30-minutes, Joan helped me see my self-limiting beliefs around my money and my business. Now I’m focused, excited and have a plan to grow my business to new heights.

I met Joan through business networking and when she asked me if I would like to experience her 30-minute Money Strategy Session, which was complimentary, I almost said no. However, as is my nature, I asked some delving questions so that I could better understand how this would help or benefit me. I am really glad I did ask more questions and that I did say yes, because what was revealed was shocking to me. I didn’t realize I had beliefs which were holding me back, both in my money life and my business success.

I know being a Feng Shui Practitioner is my right field, I am passionate about it. Yet, I was working way too hard for what I was earning in return. Joan showed me where I was working too hard and how to layer my business services to give as many people the opportunity to say ‘yes’ to them without hesitation. She helped me develop a ‘money mountain’ to success, a layering of services that offer more than just one-on-one consultations. I now have an array of services to offer from free to a VIP level.

I continue to work with Joan as she helps me reveal and unfold a deeper money understanding and the strategies for a successful business. Thank you Joan for the help you provide in so many areas … marketing, money tools, money beliefs, strategies for success, and building a money plan. This year, 2011, will be my best ever thanks to her help.

Nancy Dadami
Feng Shui Practitioner
Mojo Recovery Specialist
3 Secrets Feng Shui

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Joan Silva’s 30 minute consultation is an absolute MUST for any business owner wishing to gain clarity on the deeply rooted issues surrounding money.

Joan is both knowledgeable and passionate, and this is evident in her ability to guide you towards defining exactly what you wish to achieve.

Attract more money? Attract more clients? Joan’s questions are thoughtful and her observations are insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed the consultation and I discovered some big “AHA” moments! Joan Silva is an amazing money coach and I highly recommend her 30 minute consultation to everyone.

Gerri Levitas, MBA, CHT
Hypnotherapist, Author, Speaker

It was an excellent 30 minutes! Joan professionally guided me to re-examine where I was by asking gentle but probing questions AND stating spiritual truths that would illuminate my situation.

I had to sit quietly after the conversation to let my resistance fade away and absorb all the lessons.
We discussed the fact that the earth experience is a specific kind of learning experience, and we all know that some lessons have to be learned more than once. And as I reviewed our conversation, I realized that there are some lessons I need to relearn.

Joan’s approach was positive, encouraging, engaging and professional. It was only surprising in how helpful a 30 minute session could be. It was most helpful. It is highly recommended.

Thank You!

Les Bain
Wizard Creek Consulting

(925) 209-9483

Money no longer feels like a creativity vampire to me!”

I wasn’t sure quite what to expect in our one hour strategy session. I am a VERY creative entrepreneur and in the past I’ve felt like even thinking about money literally sucked the creativity right out of me – for days. I felt like money was this heavy and serious thing and I much prefer having FUN in my life. Following Joan and her newsletter taught me that money isn’t really a creativity vampire.

I’ve learned that understanding how you operate around money is the beginning of freedom, but I didn’t really see how all that applied to me in a grounded and practical manner (see, that’s that serious thing again). During our session we explored tactics that I found liberating. Just knowing that it is perfectly OK to have money to “play with” was huge. Joan has actually made strategic financial planning FUN!! Now I look forward to “playing with planning” my money every week. I can’t wait to see how close my numbers came to what really happened in my bank account.

Take it from me, an original “finanacialphobe,” Joan makes it safe to explore your money blind spots, face them and create a new money dream for yourself. Truly the session was a gift! Thank you Joan!!

Karen Frank
Linguistic Alchemist, Networking Trainer
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