The journey to powerful, productive, and easy follow up

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Be Powerful, Productive, and Authentic

How to Keep the Ball Rolling, Momentum Going, and Authentically Follow Up!

3-Part Class – Group Workshop via the Telephone

Do you go to events, gather names or business cards, and never follow up?

Are you good at the hands on part of your business and not so good at keeping in touch?

Do you consistently and continually build relationships, connect with them, and have a way to stay in touch? Or do you wait too long to call, email, or respond?

Do you give up too soon fearful you are bothering them or being pushy if you reach out more than one time or even at all?

How many opportunities have you missed? 

There are many reasons we miss opportunities. Most often the reason is a lack of preparedness. We are not clear on what we truly want, what outcome we desire, we lack belief in its possibility or in ourselves, and we take action on the wrong things.

Instead, we rely on luck, hope, or fly by the seat of our pants. We have the mistaken belief that business will magically fall into our laps. Or that people will remember us when they need us.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. People do not remember us, no matter how amazing we are. They are focused upon their own lives, thoughts and needs, and not on yours. It might be shocking to find out how seldom they even think of or remember you, how you met, or what you do.

It is up to us to help them remember, to remain in their sphere of attention. To remind them how we could be of help or service to their needs, wants, or desires. It is up to us to find a way to foster communication, build trust and loyalty, and connect in an authentic way.

Let’s journey together to find the most powerful,  productive, and easiest way for you to connect, reach out, and follow up. It MUST be authentic to you, who you are, and your personality.

Let’s explore what it is you want to achieve, desire for an outcome, and the inspired action you are meant to take.

All it requires is your openness and willingness to find the true path you are meant to take. It all begins simply by saying clearly and compellingly YES or NO!

The price is the low cost of


New class starting in April ….

The Deadline to sign up is:

 Friday, April 15th @ midnight.




What’s Involved? 

3-Part Class beginning in mid to late March — Via the telephone

  • Part 1. Call 1. What does follow up mean to you? Why is it important to you and the success of your business? What do you need, want, or desire to be better prepared at events, classes, or gatherings? What is your real purpose and focus?
  • Part 2. Call 2. What are your excellent excuses? What’s stopping you? Identify and get clear on those things that stop or derail you. What steps do you need to take to keep going? What are the direct benefits to you, your clients, and a thriving business? How do I convert someone from an event to a client?
  • Part 3. Call 3. What are your authentic, definite YESES? Your real commitment to the success of your business. Where will you commit to the inspired action you are meant to take?

Please NOTE: Those who sign up for the class will decide the best dates and times for the 3-parts. Convenient and doable to those involved. 




Any questions? Please contact me at (925) 432-7570 or by email:

Here’s to your authentic preparedness and success!

May they be the ones that move you into your brilliance and creative selves!  

Joan Silva

Business cards have no value if you do not use them.”

97% of people never do anything with the cards they collect