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2-Part Class – Group Workshop

Kickoff the Last half of 2016 with 

“Your Own Personal Journey to YES”


Together we journey into ‘YES’ by first asking

“What am I going to say yes to in 2016?”

The problem for most of us is not knowing what things, events, or people we are TRULY meant to say yes to. We seldom take time to go deeper and answer with an authentic YES! Instead, we respond in the moment based on feelings or beliefs. A knee-jerk response which seldom is the yes or no that is your authentic self. The true yes or no you were meant to give. Instead, it is said out of obligation, the desire to please, fit in, be accepted, not make waves, or to feel safe.

We have learned what is acceptable. We have complied with what makes us most comfortable OR what makes others comfortable.

What if, instead, for 2016, you only said yes to those things that were most beneficial for you? Those things which are for your highest good?

What if you said no to anything and everything else?

What if you said YES to everything that scares you?

All things in life require either a yes or a no

Why not make it an authentic yes or no?

AND, maybe, just maybe, you need to begin with saying clearly and compellingly YES or NO!

The price is the low cost of


New class starting Thursday, June 30th @ 12 noon Pacific …. Sign up and join us.

It’s NOT too late!


What’s Involved? 

2-Part Class beginning June 30, 2016 —

Via the telephone

  • Part 1. Call 1. What are you going to say ‘yes’ to in 2016? What are your NO’s? Identify your positive and authentic no’s. How to say no so that you are clear, grounded, and strong in that no.

— Learn to identify which one of four (4) types of ‘no’s’ you are meant to use in which circumstances.

— When you say ‘yes’ to one thing, you automatically say ‘no’ to something else. Where have you been saying ‘yes’ and what are you giving up when you say ‘yes?’

— Where are you spending your life energy? It is all about the expending of your life energy.

  • Part 2. Call 2. What are your excellent excuses? Identify and get clear on those things that stop you. What steps do you need to take to keep going?

— Identify which ‘excellent excuse’ is the one you tend to use based upon three (3) types of fears. What are yours?

— What do you dread? What do you fear? What are you afraid to do? How does this affect what you say ‘yes’ to versus ‘no?’

— What are your authentic, definite YESES? Your real commitment to YES.

— What significant or revealing ‘yes’ or ‘no’ did you notice? Did you take action?

— A useful ‘checklist’ to help you define and allow your authentic ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

— What pitfalls, excuses, reasons, or considerations did you use? What are the five (5) most common ones used?

First class to begin the last week of June.

Class 1. Thursday, June 30th @ 12 noon Pacific — 75 minute class via the telephone

Class 2. Thursday, July 7th @ 12 noon Pacific — 75 minute class via the telephone




Any questions? Please contact me at (925) 432-7570 or by email:

Here’s to your authentic yes.

May they be the ones that move you into your brilliance and creative selves!  

Joan Silva

The YEAR OF YES, in a nutshell, said so eloquently by Eleanor Roosevelt

You must do the things you think you cannot do