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​​​​“Where there is darkness, I help bring light” — Joan Silva


Helping Others Discover the Joys of Tidying Up
Tidy Up Tuesdays with Joan Silva

Each Tuesday a Fresh New Idea and Guidance on Tidying Up

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“50 Ways to Leave Your Lover (Stuff)!”

​Make a New Plan Stan!

​​​​​​​​​Need or want some hand holding help tidying up? 

Would You like a Clutter to Tidy Strategy Session to Guide You?

Did you know that getting organized is NOT a one-time thing. As frustrating as this may seem, purging and getting organized is continuous. Just like daily grooming, it requires daily diligence and habit.

Yet, most of us approach it as if it is a one-time event. As if once you get it organized, you are done for good.

As if, cleaning out the bathroom drawer ONCE would keep it that way?

Wouldn’t life be boring if it always stayed the same? Isn’t it far more fun to get more goodies to use and try, so why fight it?

Instead, find YOUR path to a tidy lifestyle — the one that fits you. One that is seamless with your everyday life. After all, if it doesn’t fit your personality, you simply WON’T do it.

Let’s figure that out together with a “Clutter to Tidy Strategy Session.” One designed just for you that helps you develop the habit and mindset of daily tidying.

During your 30-minute zoom video call, you and I will work towards creating and implementing a vision, a purpose, and a plan, so that when you do tidy-up you actually are doing it in a strategic way. One designed just for you!



​​​​​​​Meet Your Money Dream and Tidy Up Coach 

Joan Silva

“Where there is darkness, I help bring light!”

Joan has often been compared and likened to a lighthouse. Her coaching style is to help each individual see their gifts and help them navigate the confusing and dangerous waters of clearing and tidying up to ultimately get to their desired destination.

Just as ships cannot, or do not, always see the dangers as they course their way through the water, they too need guidance — a lighthouse, or a tugboat to help chart the way.  That’s Joan’s expertise and passion … to help chart the way through the seemingly dangerous waters of clutter and disarray.

Most people, these days, are so focused upon keeping their stuff, or are overwhelmed with the piles, that they end up in dangerous waters without realizing it. Joan helps them – and can help you – see those dangers and guide you to successfully navigate your course and make profitable steps towards creating, building and nurturing your home, office, garage and, ultimately, your life.

Joan Silva
Intuitive Money Counselor
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