Jet, The Tidy Up Witch

“She helps SWISH away the clutter”



She jetted into my thought bubble with a whoosh. No warning and *POP* she was there. Her broom at the ready, her fairy wings fluttering. A mischievous smile upon her face.

At first, I thought she appeared as a playful reminder of Halloween. Her black witches hat tall upon her head and her broom comfortably held in her hands.

And yet, her countenance did not fit the witch’s of the season. Nothing like the images of tales and stories told.

She quickly dispelled my belief that she was here but for a single day. Her appearance far more significant than just Halloween.

Who was this, and what was her message? It took many days for her to disclose why she was here — the impish and devilish side of her kept me guessing.

Finally, she shared who she was …

Jet, The Tidy Up Witch.

And, her passion, much like mine, was to help SWISH away the clutter in your life.

Clutter … the dark, ominous, clogged and stuck stuff in your life. The huge mud puddle that continues to depressingly grow. No matter what you do, it seems to get worse, even when you try to clear it.

Jet’s message is DON’T GIVE UP. It always looks worse before it gets better. And, she is here to help SWISH it away with her magic broom. Her broom, after all, is not for flying but to swish away your clutter.

Clutter be gone! Release it to the wind. Life is now bright and cheery!

Do you need a Jet broom to clear away YOUR clutter? Let Joan and Jet help swish it away.


​​​​​​​​​Need or want some hand holding help tidying up? 

Would You like a Tidy Up Session to Guide You?


My Two and Through Tidy Up Sessions are specifically for those who need a focused strategy session about a specific issue, concern, or complexity. Whether that is tidying up in your money, your stuff, or your life. Maybe you’ve lost your way and you wish to dive into one particular aspect of it. Or, you simply want to bounce some ideas around and get a new perspective.

I designed these sessions specifically for you when you’re unsure, feeling unsupported, and in need of someone else’s thoughts, strategies, and professional guidance on your tidy up matters. Sometimes you just need a listening ear, someone to guide and point the way to a healthier, more confident life.

These sessions are intended for those who need a quick way to see their way forward, regain their footing and get another set of experienced eyes on the areas of their life that are untidy.

Here’s how you will benefit:

  • Quick time frame to get help
  • Experienced professional money counselor and tidying up coach (me) to help identify your options and actions
  • One-shot mentoring with an action plan you can take with you followed up by a brief follow up session to tweak and course correct
  • Cost effective ($185)
  • You feel supported, confident, and ready to move forward
  • No travel required — We work together on Zoom, face-to-face
  • No commitment to sign up for multiple calls or programs delivered over several months

Here’s what you get:

  • My tidy up quick questionnaire designed to help you focus on what and where you truly need help
  • Your questionnaire personally reviewed by me prior to our appointment
  • Our work together in a private, confidential, one-on-one call, focusing on exactly what help you need and want
  • The call is recorded — if you wish
  • You’ll leave the session with a clear path forward on that focused issue, a clear vision of what you need to do to get it done
  • PLUS, an added bonus of a FOLLOW UP session to tweak and course correct

Please keep in mind:

  • You must use your sessions within 30 days of purchase.
  • These sessions are intended for someone with an emergent need, for an issue or frustration you wish to get a resolution. 
  • These sessions are are not meant to be for ongoing work together. If you need ongoing support please contact me and we’ll talk about ongoing work together.

There’s no reason to feel confused, overwhelmed, or unsupported.  What’s the thing you most need help with right now? ​

  • Tidy up that desk or office?
  • Tidy up your debt – get a debt repayment plan going?
  • Tidy up messiest space?
  • Tidy up your money?



​​​​​​​Meet Your Money Dream and Tidy Up Coach 

Joan Silva

“Where there is darkness, I help bring light!”

Joan has often been compared and likened to a lighthouse. Her coaching style is to help each individual see their gifts and help them navigate the confusing and dangerous waters of clearing and tidying up to ultimately get to their desired destination.

Just as ships cannot, or do not, always see the dangers as they course their way through the water, they too need guidance — a lighthouse, or a tugboat to help chart the way.  That’s Joan’s expertise and passion … to help chart the way through the seemingly dangerous waters of clutter and disarray.

Most people, these days, are so focused upon keeping their stuff, or are overwhelmed with the piles, that they end up in dangerous waters without realizing it. Joan helps them – and can help you – see those dangers and guide you to successfully navigate your course and make profitable steps towards creating, building and nurturing your home, office, garage and, ultimately, your life.

Joan Silva
Intuitive Money Counselor
Guideatude Coach
Tidy Up Coach & Makeover Strategist
Writer / Author / Speaker