Join Me on the Journey … Release, Receive and Renew

Your Money Dream Special 

Release, Receive and Renew
 A Modern Day Walk with the Sacred and Magical 

Is it time to let go of something? Is it time once and for all to Release that which is holding you back? Are you tired of the same old thing showing up, again and again, in your life? Are you open and ready let go and finally to receive?

Did you know that most times it is the thing you won’t release or let go that holds you back? It blocks the very thing you wish to have in life.

This may not be about money either. In fact, it is what is behind the money, oftentimes hidden, that is blocking what you want in life. It just shows up in money!

What is it that you would really like to receive? What is your heart’s desire, your deepest most dreamed about dream that you seldom, if EVER share with anyone else? You barely allow yourself to think about it!

Do you stop the dream because you just KNOW it will never come true?

Here’s the big secret, maybe one you haven’t even considered or realized … no matter what the dream, it is still alive; even if you stuff, hide or ignore it. It never goes away.

I had a big dream, one that seemed impossible to ever have in my life. I wanted to be a grandmother. Deep inside, hidden from everyone but myself and a few close friends, was the desire to be given the opportunity to be a better grandmother than I was a mom. Yet my daughter had decided to not have children. Friends of mine said; “don’t give up, things change.” And amazingly enough, they did change. After almost 10 years of marriage my daughter and her husband decided to have a child. Much to my daughter’s surprise, I was ecstatic!

My dream came true. An impossible one … or so it seemed impossible. I became a “Nana” a little over four years ago. I was there for his birth, every step of the way. And Nana-hood has been a true joy.

What is your dream? Are you ready to receive it?

Here’s your opportunity to explore it with me … to release that which blocks the dream.

There are three parts we’ll explore together …

We’ll begin with RELEASE.

  •  What pain are you ready to relinquish?
  •  Is there an obligation you need to discharge?
  • Are you experiencing confinement and wish to surrender and be set free?
  • What restrains you and you wish to let go of and be liberated?

No matter what it is, the first step is to acknowledge it and RELEASE.

Then we’ll open up to RECEIVE.

  •  What is it that you do not have that you wish to accept, welcome or admit into your life?
  • Do you feel empty and are now willing to invite in the gift?
  • Are you ready, willing or open to take into your possession that dream?
  • Can you accept the gift to be bestowed upon you?

We must be open, ready or at least willing to receive. Often the next step is subtle or small and we miss it.

The final step is RENEW (or RETURN).

  • Has the dream faded or disappeared and you accept that this is not true?
  • Are you ready to reaffirm, regain or replace to renew the dream and realize it?

Let’s revive that dream and live it today. Let’s take those baby steps together; listen to the quiet voice that guides and recognize just like my dream of a grandson, they do come true.

We just need to release, receive and renew.

 How about you join me for the 3-part series

Release, Receive and Renew 

A Modern Day Walk with the Sacred and Magical 

There are three stages to the series  …  

 1. Releasing. Letting go of that in life that does not serve you. Quiet your mind. Open your heart.

 2. Receiving. Receiving what is there for you to receive.

 3. Returning / Renewing. Joining God, your higher power or the healing forces at work in the world.  

Let’s join together and take that sacred, magical journey together. All that’s needed is your desire to set yourself free and stop holding back your gifts from the world. 

  • Together we will explore and uncover that which you must release to bring forth prosperity in your life and livelihood;
  • Define and reveal to yourself what you are ready to receive; and 
  • Join hands with God, the Divine, return to your higher power, to heal yourself and your work.

The journey is narrow. Purposeful. As is your path in life … that which you are here in the world to express. You are meant to express your truth, be the light in a dark world.  

Yet, we often take the wider, broader path that everyone else is upon and with that we become dissatisfied. It seems to be easier, after all everyone else is on it. Or we wander off our path without realizing we have lost our way. 

Our journey together shows you your narrow path; the truth you are here to express, the path you are to be upon.

What’s involved?

Three (3) power packed group sessions. All via the telephone.  


At the end of the three sessions … a group ritual in person

Dates to be determined by each group. Groups are small.
All Sessions Via the Telephone (except the ritual)

Session 1. Release.
Session 2. Receive.
Session 3. Renew.
Bonus. Ritual. In Person.

Three sessions. Plus the Ritual. $197
(Does not include transportation or meal. – Credit / Debit Accepted)

Sign up today and join me in this journey together, open yourself to your path and solidify it at the end with the beautiful, mystical ritual. 

Sign me up!
Now is the time to let go of limitation and embody having! Join us today.